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Tech-E Solutions Ltd is in a unique position to design and supply automation equipment of the ABB brand.

Call us for all your design requirements for ABB systems.

ABB has a wide range of touch panel displays available in various sizes such as the CP400 Operator Panel shown to the left.
Select color or grayscale images
Important features such as alarms, trending, and graphics are fully integrated
USB, Ethernet and serial communication ports Drivers available for all the major and many smaller PLC brands



AC500-eCo - Affordable PLC solution for small machines

An entry level PLC for small to medium applications
CPU's are complete with onboard digital and analog I/Os
Compatible with Modbus and CS31 networks
Optional SD card is available for data logging and software updates without a PC
Fully compatible with existing AC500, PS501 Control Builder Software
Expandable with all S500 I/O, in a centralized configuration















A maximum of options for all-round benefits

Optimized processes, minimised costs, higher profitability – the AC500 offers you a maximum of options for ensuring that crucial bit of extra added value. The wide choice of communication couplers enables you to customize the automation system to suit your own individual requirements. Thanks to the AC500’s scalability and its modularized platform concept, you can configure precisely the automation system you need. It’s these unique advantages that render the AC500 so enormously cost-efficient, safe and user-friendly.

The AC500 – persuasive advantages
Scalable control
Wide choice of communication and field bus couplers
User-selectable coupler types for simultaneous operation
Fast replacement thanks to plug-in modules
A single software package for the entire range
Seamless integration of control system and field devices
Attractive price-performance ratio

Profit from maximized solutional multiplicity
The AC500 completely redefines the term “flexibility”. By virtue of its up-to-the-future field bus plug technology, the field-bus-neutral system can be easily connected up to almost any desired field bus. Its scalability offers a maximized multiplicity of solutions for accurate handling of every automation job – all that’s needed is a quick replacement of the CPU or simply 5 expansion using I/O modules. ABB has thus met its customers’ forceful requests for individually tailored automation systems, with concomitant enhancement of market opportunities and growth potentials.
The small number of modules means fewer spare parts and correspondingly low storage costs. Since only one standardized software package and consistently harmonized hardware are used for the entire AC500 range, the outlay for software, training and support is reduced to a minimum – intelligence that pays off for you



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