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Tech-E Solutions recognizes that automation systems represent a huge investment for the corporation as well as the individual technical personnel who use PLCs.

We offer a comprehensive range of training programs for PLC , HMI and related systems.

Our training is based on years of practical experience gained in challenging industrial environments and are practical hands-on and fully interactive and customized to suit each individual customer's requirements.

We offer both brand independent and brand specific training . We also ensure that all our sub modules are seamlessly integrated with each other as most plants will have more than one set of automation equipment.











Benefits for Industry

  • Maximum Leverage of Capital investment.
  • Savings on outsourced contract labour.
  • Improved Safety and productivity.






Benefits for Individual Engineers /Technicians

  • Career advancement opportunity
  • Increased technical competence








On-Site Training on application specific equipment
We can come and train you and your staff at your site.
This has the advantage of practical application specific training  where the automation equipment is located.
          On site training also minimizes disruption of work routines for critical staff.
Instructor Led Training- Off Site
We offer training at our state of the art facilities equipped with all necessary training facilities and demonstration units.
Online Training
For those who may not have the time to attend a full time Instructor Led training program , we have self taught modules available online.

Whatever your training requirements , we have the right program for you.

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