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Tech-E Solutions suppliessynchronizers designed for use on three phase AC generators equipped with  speed controls and automatic voltage regulators.

We design systems that provide automatic frequency, phase and voltage matching using either analog or discrete output signals.
It combines synchronizing for a generator circuit breaker (GCB) and a mains circuit breaker (MCB), load and power factor control, and generator and mains protection.



Common Features:
GCB and MCB synchronization
Phase match or slip frequency synchronization with voltage matching
2-phase sensing of generator and busbar
Synchronization time monitoring
Real power control
True RMS power calculation
Generator real power set point by parameter or via 0/4 to 20 mA
Soft unloading
Power factor control
Power factor set point by parameter
Power limit value with relay output
Discrete raise/lower for speed/load
Discrete raise/lower for voltage/power factor
Two-line Liquid Crystal display
Operation and alarm indication
Control activity and breaker state indication
Generator/busbar value display
PC and front panel configurable
Analog bias outputs for voltage and speed freely configurable
Speed bias output configurable as 500 Hz PWM output with adjustable voltage level
Two raise/lower outputs configurable for either speed or voltage


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